Swing Beds


The Cypress Moon Swing Bed is our largest swing, large enough for the average person to take a nap on!  This beautiful 6 ft. bed is built from Louisiana cypress and features 1 inch thick x 1 3/4 inch wide cypress slats, routered (no sharp edges) and finish sanded on all sides for your safety and comfort. The slats are screwed to the frame (not nailed) and the frame is bolted together with 5/16 inch bolts . The bottom of the swing is contoured with a tapering curve to the outer edge.  Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, the dimensions of this Porch Swing Bed will accommodate a twin mattress!  Available unfinished or your finish choice of 8 color STAINS.  As with all Cypress Moon Furniture, price includes FREE SHIPPING!

Inside Measurements:  75" wide x 39" deep x 19" high

Outside Measurements:  80" wide x 48" deep x 21" high

*PLEASE NOTE:  If you plan to put a mattress on your Swing Bed, you may want to request it without the contour in the seat.  Other wise, it will feature a contoured shape.  *Mattress not included with your Swing Bed.

WHY COLOR STAINS & NOT COLOR PAINTS?  We only offer color stains because the grains of the cypress are too beautiful to be covered up by paint. By staining them we are still able to uniquely accent your rocker with color, while allowing the grain to remain visible!

WHY CHOOSE CYPRESS? Cypress wood is nicknamed as the "eternal wood". Cypress has a strong tolerance to environmental elements and has been known as the world's 'wood of choice' for thousands of years. Very few woods match the properties of cypress when it comes to sturdiness and strength. Cypress wood can be easily identified by its handsome, straight grain that portrays a gorgeous array of colors. This unmatchable beauty is enhanced by life long durability. Cypress wood is naturally decay and insect resistant and continues to be rated as the most durable wood in America. It has little tendency to warp, twist, or cup. It even matches up to teak wood in outdoor performance, yet cost sometimes 10 times less. Because of its beauty, natural durability, and broad versatility, cypress' popularity continues today!